We were founded in 2013 by a man frustrated with the daily arguments in his home. He wanted his kids to have access to the more interesting sites, tools and games on the Internet, but to balance their time with other healthy activities. He couldn’t distinguish between their playtime, social engagements and school work time once in front of the screen – who could?

So he bought an Internet router with parental control software. Then he bought more parental control software for the kids’ computer. And then he searched for something that he could put on their phones. None of it solved the problem. Most of it just made the arguments worse.

As an entrepreneur with startup experience, he had to do something.

  1. See how common this problem is (turns out…very!)
  2. Get a team together and design something great.
  3. Build a product – and show it to the world.
  4. Make a relationship with the cell phone providers, content gateways, game makers and social network sites of the world to bring them onboard.
  5. Become the leading parental control services company, bridging the gap between online in in-life.

We are currently working on steps 3 and 4.