The Founders

Rob Katz is the co-founder supreme and our resident expert in corporate development, product management, sales, distribution, and media. He has been in the role of President, CIO and VP Business Development in a few very large and successful companies. He is working on the strategic plan, prototypes for the mobile platform, and keeping his children from spending 15 hours per day on their home computer. He is also very active in his community in San Diego, involved in a busy church, his kids’ school, and the local Scouts chapter.

Dan Cohen is the co-founder extreme and our resident expert in venture capital, startups, project management, technology security and education technology. He has been involved in more than 40 startup companies in the technology and life sciences sector. He is working on the relationship with our partner network, high-level product design, and making sure his kids only kick each other in taekwondo class. He is on the board at his kids’ elementary and high schools, and the local community library.

Our Partners

Here is a list of the partners that we are trying to work with to make a better service. There are great experts in the world whose work helps keep us on track. We encourage you to visit these places and join the conversation.

New Media Institute

Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media (CSCYM)

Execution Labs (gaming)

American Center for Children and Media

Centennial College Kids’ Media Centre