Our products have four ingredients. Once you become a subscriber, you have access to them all, for the whole household.

The Guardian’s Portal is the website where parents can sign up. They enter information about themselves (that we keep completely confidential) and their families. They describe the devices in the house and how those family members should use them. Then we get into the rules of the household, and how they should be expressed, and enforced.

The Agents are small pieces of software that get installed on the devices in the home. Something for the computer, the browser, for their cellphone, music player, tablet, cable box, gaming console – we will work on making agents for all the smart devices in your home. Once registered, we apply the rules to the devices. If you have said that your child shouldn’t have more than two hours of “screen time” it will apply across all the screens. If you shut down access due to a problem – it will work for them all.

The Family Portal is the online center where your kids can see what you’ve declared and enforced over time. That’s where they can see their rights and responsibilities, ask for more, and negotiate for a trade-off of rewards. Maybe they’d rather a divert portion of their allowance towards a new phone or concert tickets. Maybe they’d like to ask for more chores or tie their free time into better grades. This is the place to do it.

The Library is our center for research. It is a collection of tools, counsel, public forums, and expert opinions to help you get make tough decisions regarding your child. It is also a place where the kids can talk to each other about these rules, and see what others families do in their situations.