Free Service

To help people understand the service better, we are offering a free version of the product where parents can declare their values and priorities, set chores and responsibilities, and kids can come into the site to declare when the goals have been met. The service is private but, when tied to long term goals (allowance raises, concerts, trips) will help the kids to understand the relationship to their behavior and rewards.

Household Service

The service is free for the first month while you get to try out the controls. After that, for households with up to 4 children and 6 devices, we charge $2.99 per month. We try to keep it as simple as possible. If you have seven children and they spend time in three different households (it happens!) or if the child has access to many more devices, we may raise the price to $5.99 per month. Given what the average family pays for movie channels, Internet access, music downloads and cell phone charges, we feel it is reasonable.

Why do we charge at all? 

We will not be in the game of brokering content, getting companies to pay us to “allow” them or recommend them to parents. Your values need to be enforced, not the values of the corporations who might pay us. That’s why we charge the consumer – subscriber fees will keep us objective and honest.

We also need to work on development for more than 50 common devices (Xbox – Wii – Sony PSP – iPhone – Android – Windows PC – Mac PC – Game Boy – the list goes on!) and online services (Facebook – Youtube – iTunes – Netflix – Steam – Moodle – the list goes on and on!) The average US household has many of these entertainment and game options, and we would like to provide complete coverage.

How does the business make money if you charge so little and give it away for free? 

We believe that the problem is prevalent enough to support the business with these prices. In addition, we want to be part of the household conversation. If your child earns rewards by doing chores, homework and good behavior, their reward may be access to game time or TV time. They may also want to earn their way to rewards and purchases – media or otherwise – and we want to make it happen. Eventually, your child will find something they like, put it on their RaisedDigital Wish List, and we will help him earn it with incentives and tracking while finding the best price for the product.

Institutional Service

For institutions like schools, chess clubs, babysitting services, and tutoring providers, we work on ways of exchanging information so that parents can put their information into perspective. This is a way for tutors and schools to work together as partners through direct communication. If you represent one of these institutions, please contact us to see how we can make these tools work together.

Content Services

We offer our services through content providers like Youtube and Facebook, game developers like Ubisoft and Nintendo, and platform providers like your local cellphone company and Internet service provider. By partnering with them, we can look at the content beforehand and work out ways to interact intelligently. If you represent one of these services, please contact us to see how we can make these tools work together.