There is a problem out there, an argument in tens of millions of homes every day, as the Internet struggles to capture your kids’ attention and parents and teachers try to get it back. We – the parents – are outgunned and outmatched. We are living in that problem.

Every parent who tries to pry their kids away from their phone, tablet or game knows it. Some threaten and punish, others use programs to try and set limits, and many resign themselves to the fact that “this is the way it works now” or “pick your battles.” What greater battle than for the developing mind?

Our kids are being raised in a digital environment. School, play, social engagements, and work are all migrating to a digital platform, and the kids growing up in that native environment cannot be expected to develop and respond the way the previous generation did. Hint: Any message that starts off with “when I was your age…” is not going to have the impact you expect. We see it with our kids, within our schools, and the message seems to echo across countries, religious groups, classes of wealth, in cities and the countryside.

Raised Digital is a new company working on a better way to handle digital devices and content for your kids.  Read on and we’ll show you what we mean.